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Details of the Bells
Details of the Bells
Pictures of the bells before refurbishment

Treble                                       Bell 2

Bell 3                                         Bell 4

St Peter & St Paul’s Church was originally built in the 12th century and largely rebuilt 1838-39 due to a collapse - apart from the nave.  It is a Grade 1 listed building.


Number of Bells:                         8


Details of Bells:                          

Bell           Weight                   Diameter       Note                     Age

1  Treble  2cwt 3qrs 19lbs      23.00”            in G sharp             1938

2               3cwt 1qrs 1lbs        24.00”             in F                        1938

3               3cwt 2qrs 4lbs       25.50”             in E sharp             1938

4               4cwt 0qrs 21bs      27.00”             in D sharp             1938

5               5cwt 0qrs 14lbs     29.50”             in C sharp             2018

6               5wt 3qrs 1lbs         30.90”             in B sharp             2018

7               8cwt 2qrs 1lbs       35.38”             in A sharp              1671

8   Tenor 11cwt 2qrs 8lbs      39.50”             in G sharp             1671


Old Bells:

5               4cwt 2qrs 4lbs       29.50”             in C sharp             15th century

6               6cwt 1qrs 2lbs       31.88”             in B sharp             15th century

Last restored:  1938


Ringing Association/Guild:  Guildford Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers

Purpose of the bell restoration project

The bells have not been overhauled since 1938 and were in need of attention.  Bells 5 and 6 date from the 15th century and are probably amongst the oldest in Surrey, but are now somewhat out of tune and cannot be further tuned and need replacing.

The work involved replacing the 5th & 6th bells, which have become damaged, rehanging all eight bells, replacing or refurbishing bearings, clappers and pulleys; for bells 5 to 8 replacing the existing poorly designed headstocks; painting the bell-frame; and upgrading the ringing room.  The old 5th bells has been hung in the ringing room for display and the old 6th bell has been hung in the bell chamber with a rope into the church for use as a service bell. 


 The benefits of restoring the 8 bells were:


  • Conservation and preservation of the historic bells in a historic church

  • Restoring the bells to harmonious ringing for the pleasure of the village

  • Ensuring the ancient tradition of bell ringing can be continued in the village for many years to come

  • Enhancing the bell ringing experience and safety for the ringers, helping to encourage new recruits.

Bell 5                                          Bell 6

Bell 7                                           Tenor

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