About the Friends Charity

The Friends of St Peter & St Paul, Ewhurst was formed on 2nd December 2020 by members of the Fund Raising Group and the Roof Repair project.  The Charity will raise money to preserve and repair the 12th century Norman church in the village of Ewhurst, Surrey.  In addition we hope that it will raise awareness of and increase the knowledge of the history of the church. 

We do this in a number of ways.  First and foremost we organise village events to which the whole community is invited.  These are advertised as Friends events and any money raised goes into the Trust's funds.  In this way, it is not only church-goers who are involved, but everyone who has an interest in maintaining Ewhurst Church.  Secondly we ask that people join the Friends so that they can be contacted via email to be kept up to date with our activities and lend support when needed, either by helping at events or financially.  One-off donations are always welcome of course, but a regular giving plan is also possible.  Links to do this are shown at the foot of every page on this website.

The Trustees

Jan Allen   Membership secretary

Jan has lived in the village since 1984 and both her sons were christened at St Peter & St Paul. She has been on the church after-service coffee and cleaning rotas for many years and was a founder member of the St Peter and St Paul Fundraising Group.

Jackie Avery    Secretary
Jackie has been a member of the church in Ewhurst for 25 years, for much of that time as a member of the choir.  She has been a member of the PCC and editor of News & Views, the parish magazine.  Latterly she was a founder member of the Ewhurst Church Fundraising Group.

Jane Harry   Chairperson

Jane has been an active member of the church in Ewhurst for all of the forty plus years that she has lived here.  A member of the PCC for most of that time, she was also a church warden for eight years. Both her daughter and son were married in the church and both grandsons baptised here.  Having applied for a Heritage Lottery Grant, she has recently overseen the completion of the repair to the chancel roof and part of the bell tower.

Rev Clare Shepherd   Rector
Clare has been Rector of the Parish since October 2018.  As Rector, she is an ex-officio member of the Trustees.

Clive Ward   Treasurer
Clive is a financial services professional and moved to Ewhurst in 2012.  He joined the PCC in 2018 and was appointed churchwarden in 2019.  In this position, he is an ex-officio member of the Friends.  In 2016 - 2018 he ran the Bell Restoration Fund and from 2018 was a member of both the St Peter & St Paul Fundraising Group and the Roof Repair Group. 



Previously, fund raising events were organised by the Fund Raising Group, the Bell Fund and the Roof Repair Group.   Photos from some of the events are shown below.

DSC00854 (2).JPG

The French Evening

Ewhurst ringers.JPG

Special Bell Ringing Events

BDO stand Jan.jpg

The Big Day Out

Roof committee.JPG

The Roof Repair Team

Golf Event_May 2019.jpg

Golf Days


The Big Night Out